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 Recruiting for HavenSpire

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PostSubject: Recruiting for HavenSpire   Recruiting for HavenSpire EmptyWed May 30, 2012 11:43 am

I'm currently looking at putting a group together for Empire that will represent one of Urizen's spires.

Haven Spire is to be a fairly young spire made up of the survivors/refugees from the lost spires of Spiral. If I read the dates right, Spiral was lost 45 or so years back, so we'd be the children of those original survivors (or potentially one of the survivors if your character is old enough).

We're looking to get involved in the politics & ritual magics with the aim of building the alliances, knowledge & resources we'll need to one day reclaim and repair Spiral.

We're expecting that our spire will be made up of a diverse mixture of character types & skill sets. Unlike other spires that tend to specialise in their skills and abilities, because we're drawn from the survivors of a variety of spires throughout Spiral, we can incorporate players whatever their intended skills will be.

Ideally, we're looking to put together a strong group identity with a similar cultural costume that will instantly identify us as members of our spire. We have an initial costume design that we've already submitted to PD and gained approval - we're just waiting on a quote from a supplier. Hopefully if we can make a bulk order, we can bring the price down.

If you're interested in perhaps joining us or just finding out more, please feel free to post on the forum, or PM me.
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Recruiting for HavenSpire
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