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 What We Know So Far - Healers

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What We Know So Far - Healers Empty
PostSubject: What We Know So Far - Healers   What We Know So Far - Healers EmptyThu May 31, 2012 11:38 am

One thing we know in Empire.. if you want to stay alive after a serious injury, you'll need a healer.

Magic can restore Hit Points, but it can't stop your death count. For that you'll need a Healer.

However, playing a healer can be a thankless task.. LRPers have come to expect a swarm of healers to descend and provide aid at the scream of 'Healer' and to expect little or no thanks or recompense.

So for Empire.. the role of a healer has been widened somewhat. Healing skills will also encompass the necessary skills for a poisoner, or for an alchemist. So.. in addition to the usual stitching people together, the maelstrom poisons & potions game becomes their playground in Empire.
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What We Know So Far - Healers
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